And we’re back with the second installment of summer blogs. Hope everyone’s summer has continued to be awesome and that everyone’s tanner than they were when they read my first blog post. If you recall from that post, I spent the first part of my summer getting acclimated to research intern life here at Argonne National Laboratory. Since then, everything has been fantastic, albeit incredibly busy.

In addition to continuing my research on under-sodium viewing techniques, I’ve also started looking into some haptic device integration into our robotic simulator platform for fast reactors.

Phantom Omni haptics device

Phantom Omni haptics device


With the summer rapidly winding down, though, I’ve started to shift gears for the fall and have begun the extensive process of applying for grad school as well as applying for a Fulbright fellowship. It’s kept me far busier than I anticipated but I’m learning a lot and making great progress! More info to come in the fall.

Additionally, I’ve started reading my summer reading books for an interesting class I’m taking this fall called MDA 365: The Art and Adventure of Leadership. The course is taught by past-president at USC Steven Sample as well as leadership guru Warren Bennis. To say that I’m excited for the class would be an understatement–the course is known renown for it’s great teachers, guest speakers, and fascinating mix of students spanning many disciplines. While I love my engineering courses I’ll always take the opportunity to expand out of Viterbi and experience the other awesome components of USC.

Fortunately, I have still managed to find the time to enjoy myself, spending great time with my family when they came up to visit for my sister’s regatta, and catching up with my best friend from home and seeing the Cardinals play at Wrigley Field.

Cardinals for Life. Wrigley's okay though.

Cardinals for Life. Wrigley’s okay though.

Lincoln Park Area for my sister's regatta

Lincoln Park Area for my sister’s regatta

I also got to roadtrip up to Wisconsin with a few of my roommates from USC and go to SummerFest and the Wisconsin Dells. This weekend I’ll be headed up to Michigan for the first time to take in the lovely city of Ann Arbor. Anyways I’m off for the rest of summer! Looking forward to the rest of summer and the upcoming semester and hope you are too!