With an enjoyable parents weekend just under way, I realized how fortunate I have been in making friends at the university and more specifically engineering throughout my time so far at SC. I currently live with 11 other guys, 7 of whom are engineers, in a house we have nicknamed “The Bayou” after watching a few episodes of Swamp People over the first few weeks of school (not sure why we were watching this but that’s besides the point). 2 of the guys were actually in the same Freshman Academy (see Gordy’s & Steve’s posts).

Swamp People —> The Bayou

This weekend for the parent’s weekend football game, we are holding an awesome tailgate where we invited all of our parents. As I prepared/am preparing for this tailgate with everyone, I realized how important and influential these friendships/connections will be throughout the rest of my time at SC and after.

Parents weekend tailgate

I met everyone throughout my first couple years here through mutual friends or just in classes. Besides the benefit of being able to get homework help or ask a quick question about something, these friendships and connections also help me learn about different opportunities in Viterbi (research labs, internship opportunities, special events, best classes) that I might never have heard about. Surrounding myself with super intelligent, motivated people also makes it easier to study and be motivated to do my best work. Additionally, since 6 of the other guys in the house are in one of the same classes as me, which meets early in the morning, we all make sure that we’re up, brew some coffee, then roll out to the class together. Talk about teamwork.

Throwback pic from Freshman year after myself and a few of my current engineering roommates won the Intramural Soccer Championship

I’ve already had an absolute blast living with these guys this semester and am looking forward to the hanging out, studying, and spending the rest of my time at SC with the Bayou.

The Bayou #swag

The Bayou heading out to the Sigma Nu Rumble in the Jungle Register