Within the past week, I have switched hemispheres, time zones, languages, and seasons. My last weeks in Buenos Aires were absolutely fantastic, and I’m already looking forward to going back sometime in the near future.

No caption necessary

Nos vemos pronto Buenos Aires.










After my South American adventure, it was time to return home. After a tumultuous and lengthy trip home (thanks for the bad weather Houston), I finally made it home. While it was a rather mild winter in Buenos Aires, I returned home to slightly warmer temperatures to say the least.

From this…

to this…yikes












But besides the drastic change, it has been great coming home for the first time in roughly 7 months and seeing all of my friends and family. Besides working a summer job for what is left of summer, I’m also excited to use my free time to catch up on reading and teach myself some coding.

Time to start cranking out some reading. Gotta love goodreads.

Additionally, I have been working on a student led project over the summer to implement an alternative energy solution at the USC Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island (http://wrigley.usc.edu/home/). Now that I have reliable Internet access and easy telephone access, I’m hoping to make more progress on the project.

Some energy usage calculations

I’m looking to make the most of what little summer time I have left. That being said, I am unbelievably excited to return to USC. This fall, I’ll be moving into an awesome house with a bunch of fellow engineers, my fraternity is wrapping up the construction of our new house, and USC will be contending for the BCS National Championship once again!

Until later, enjoy the rest of your summer and stay cool!