Here we go. In some strange turn of events, I find myself with just one semester remaining in my life as an undergraduate at USC. Leading up to this last semester was the coldest winter break of my life. No need to describe the weather; this Instagram video should suffice:

But besides the weather, winter break and home were great as usual. Like many, I spent a lot of time with friends, family, and my dog.

Snowed in #rufflife #snowdogs

Family >>

Family >>

All in all winter break was refreshing and gave me ample time to gear up for my last semester of college.

Spring Semester

Besides completing my coursework, my two main academic goals/tasks for the semester are: 1) choosing a graduate school and 2) finishing up my research with the USC Smart Grid group. Regarding 1), I’ll be hearing back from various schools for Mechanical or Materials Science MS/PhD programs over the next couple of months and will have to make a college decision for the second time. It’s going to be exciting and who knows where I will end up!


As for 2), I really want to make one last hard research push with the USC Smart Grid group, hopefully providing a useful contribution to the group and maybe even a publication or two!

Beyond my academic goals, though, I’m really looking to attend more USC events put on by the Visions and Voices Program, the USC Society and Business Lab (SBL), and the USC Sidney Harman Academy for Polymathic Study among others. You may have seen my tweet the other day highlighting a few of the upcoming events:

as well as my post from a presentation given by the CEO of the LA Food Bank, put on by USC’s SBL:

LA Food Bank: First Society & Business Lab Lunch & Learn of the semester

LA Food Bank: First Society & Business Lab Lunch & Learn of the semester

Additionally, I’m really hoping to get out in LA/the surrounding area more often. I’ve already been to the beach once which is a good start, but I’m also hoping to check out more of the hiking, parks, and unique spots that LA has to offer. Oh and concerts like the one I just bought tickets for below!

Four Tet at the Echoplex - March 6

Four Tet at the Echoplex – March 6

With all of this on my plate, hopefully I’ll be able to give you an interesting and exciting glimpse into the life as a Viterbi student over the course of the semester. Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing you here again next week. As always, fight on!