Wow! So far it has been an incredible beginning to the summer. Back in the spring, I decided to go abroad for my Spanish minor in order to get the most out of my minor and really accelerate my language skills. Arriving at the end of May and staying until mid-July, I’ve already learned and used so much Spanish and have experienced some of the incredible aspects of the bustling Argentine culture. I’m taking one class through USC at a local university; however, the program covers much more than the class.

Each week, we have different cultural activities such day trips, tango lessons, museum visits, and many other cultural activities. Even better, the activities are all covered by the program! Through the program, I’m not only learning a lot of Spanish, but I’m also getting to know the city of Buenos Aires and the culture incredibly well.

I have a little over 3 weeks left and already know that the time for me to fly home will come to soon! As for the rest of the summer, who knows what else is in store for me! As we say in Spanish, ¡hasta luego! ¡chao!

USC does Iguazu Falls! Look for the Tommy Trojan bobblehead!

Iguazu Falls, no that rainbow is not photoshopped; the place is THAT gorgeous

Day trip to Colonial, Uruguay

Another day trip! This time to Luján, a city west of Buenos Aires. Their famous catedral!

Museum of Eva Peron

Parrilla! Traditional Argentine grill.

Boca Juniors! Me encanta fútbol.

Trip to MALBA - Museum of Latin-American Art in Buenos Aires

Boca - Famous for it's brightly painted houses

Another spectacular shot! Because one view of Iguazu Falls is never enough.