Although it’s still only a few weeks into school, recruitment and networking events for potential internships is already picking up. And since I’d rather not spend next summer bumming around at home, this upcoming week I’ll be attending two useful events put on by Viterbi: Viterbi Industy Networking Event and Viterbi Career Expo.

Dropping some Arrested Development realness on yall

To prepare for the events, I’ve been using a lot of the resources provided by the Viterbi Career Services. Having an advisor look over my resume and work out the kinks was both helpful and super convenient. Additionally, I’ve been preparing what’s known as an elevator pitch, a 30-second intro that I’ll give to recruiters. Career Services has a ton of useful information and powerpoints on their website that outlines how to give elevator pitches, draft cover letters, and impress in interviews.


Viterbi Industry Networking Event (VINE) – Open to Juniors and Seniors, the VINE event is one I have yet to experience. I’m looking forward to the event because there’s several companies/national laboratories that I’m interested in. The nice thing is that when you register for the event, you have the option of sending your resume as well, which will be distributed to all of the recruiters at the event, making both your life and the recruiter’s life easier. The event’s also going to be a great way to meet some of the recruiter’s in a smaller setting than that of the Career Expo.


Some intense recruitment action going down

Viterbi Career Expo – The career expo is basically the biggest recruiting event for Viterbi. All of the big employers come out for the event, and the E-Quad is filled with potential internship opportunities. A ton of my friends have actually gotten their internships through the Expo, and I’ll be looking to maybe do the same this year. The list of companies coming out is immense to say the least, and includes premier companies such as Apple, Chevron, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, eBay, SpaceX, Facebook, Boeing, and Sandia National Laboratories just to mention a few.

In other news, go Cardinals!!!!

Maybe next year Dodgers

¡Hasta luego chicos!