As I write this post anxiously anticipating the upcoming Weeknder, I’m realizing how pumped I am for the upcoming semester. All of my classes and extracurriculars are shaping up to create a busy, challenging, and exciting experience for me over the upcoming months. Let’s go over a few of the items I’ve got on my plate for Fall ’12.

Classes: I don’t know what it is about this semester, but I already know that this will be my favorite semester of classes so far.

AME-341L aka Mech-Op (see Vlad’s post for more info) – Although this class is notorious for being challenging and time-intensive, the professors for the class, Prof. Radovich  and Franke, are outstanding teachers. Also, the course material seems that will be incredibly interesting, ranging from linear and digital circuits to acoustics and 1st order systems. Nearly every alumni or upperclassman that I have talked to has cited this class as one of the most important and career applicable as well.

CE-309 (Fluid Mechanics) – Since the AME section of Fluid Mechanics did not fit into my schedule, I was quickly and easily able to register in a section in the Civil Engineering department. The advisors did a great job of helping me sort out scheduling issues. The professor is super friendly and really interested in the course material, making it easy to learn. I also get to see some of my friends in Engineers Without Borders in the class, which is a nice bonus.

AME-310 (Thermodynamics) – I’m really excited for this class because the new professor for this class is such a great teacher. He works in the engineering consulting industry and often draws from specific examples of thermodynamics problems that he has experienced.

HIST-102 (Medieval People: Early Europe and its Neighbors) – For one of my last GE’s, I’m taking a course on Medieval Europe – think knights, peasants, barbarians. The class is a great change of pace from my engineering classes, and I’m looking forward to studying a subject I would normally never learn about.

Think Monty Python

Think Monty Python

AME-308 (Computer Aided Analysis for Aero-Mechanical Design) – This class teaches the fundamentals of a couple AutoCAD programs, SolidWorks and Solid Edge. The material and homework is actually kind of fun. I enjoy making models of different parts and assemblies on SolidWorks, and the class will give me a genuine technical skill that will make me marketable for future internships and jobs.

Part of my lamp from a recent assignment

Lamp base I created

Rugby – With a young team and a lot of energy coming from the new members, to say I’m excited for the upcoming season is an understatement. Can’t wait for the first game of the season on Sept 30th!!

Throwback pic from last season. See fellow VSA Pedro front and center as well!

Engineers Without Borders – After successfully completing our rainwater catchment system in the spring, the project that I am co-managing is beginning an exciting new phase, where we will decide on the next project and begin fundraising and designing for it. After our first general meeting drew a large crowd, I cannot wait for the upcoming developments this semester and the trip in January to Honduras.

Cutting rebar for the concrete support posts

Any who, that’s all for now. Fall 2012 lehhhgooo!