Please excuse the Game of Thrones reference in the title but I just finished the fifth book and am going crazy about not being able to read the next book until 2015.

As everyone says at the end of every semester, wow that semester flew by. I’ve only got a session or two left of each of my classes and then it’s time for my favorite time of year, finals. But actually, even in high school, I’ve always liked finals. Your day is so free and you can allot your time as you please. And who doesn’t love a good studying session?

This semester has been a strange one though. I changed majors and watched USC achieve the most disappointing season in history for a number 1 preseason team. Not what I expected on either front. But oh well, it was a great time. Despite losing all the games I traveled to, my friend came up to me after the season ended and said “we went to 3 games this year. So 4 next year?” to which I said “of course”. I didn’t think I could enjoy losing games so much but traveling to them was a great experience and football season was still a highlight of the semester.

Changing majors has been a great thing as well. I’ve been working like crazy but it feels great to be in a major that I feel is right for me. I am really excited to start next semester the right way and get going on my courses. Especially Video Game Programming. That class sounds awesome.

I also realized that I am about to finish my last Physics class. I’m sad to think that I will not have Dr. Bickers again next semester as he is an absolutely fantastic professor. That being said, I am terrified to imagine what his class on Quantum physics is like (that’s the next level course). But if I had to learn about it, I would definitely want to learn about it from Dr. Bickers.

To copy Makana, I too learned how to cook. That’s been my favorite thing about living off campus. I don’t do it as much as I would like but I have definitely learned a thing or two. And even if Makana has cooked more than me, I bet I went to more football games! And I never wore a lanyard around my neck….freshman.

As much as I like finals I’m definitely ready to head back home and relax for a few weeks. I know by the end of break I’ll be restless and ready to go back but it’s definitely time for a beach vacation. Also, over the break I will be getting started on planning my fraternities large social events for next semester, especially our formal trip to Las Vegas. I’m really looking forward to taking on those new challenges and having my crack at leadership.

Also, my family adopted a cat last month and I love cats. I met him over Thanksgiving break and he is extremely sweet. I will spare you from me uploading millions of photos of my cat and instead will just leave you with one. 

Adorable isn’t he?

Going home means cat time. And I love cat time.

I know that going home means I will come back next semester reenergized and ready to go with my next semester classes which will be ITP 380 Video Game Programming, EE 101 Introduction to Digital Logic, CORE 104 American Prophets (my Thematic Option course) and CSCI 271 Discrete Methods in Computer Science. I may even end up throwing an elective on top of those. But it sounds like a good schedule to me.

Finally, being in college means I don’t have to spend my Christmas break doing college apps. So if you’re a high school senior, good luck with all those applications and know that the worst is almost over, you’ll get in somewhere and you will be happy because college is great. The end is near. Happy holidays.



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