Continuing with my recent series of awesome sightings at Chick-fil-a (last week it was the host of the bachelor), on Saturday, we ran into Marqise Lee, Xavier Grimble and Silas Redd at Chick-fil-a. As my friends and I are pretty big USC football fans, needless to say we freaked out. However, we managed to calm ourselves down enough to say hi and get some fist action, which is probably the single greatest thing to ever happen to my hand. The only problem is, Chick-fil-a is really setting the bar high. I have no idea who they will throw at us next week to keep this going.

Also of note, I’m starting a spring internship at Octoknow, an Android start-up in Los Angeles. I’ll get into more details about this in the future when I have done more work that I can talk about but I’m really excited to get practical experience and develop my coding skills. If you have checked out Rob’s blog, which I highly recommend, you know how important it is to expose yourself to new tools and sharpen your skills, and this will be a great chance for me to do that. I’m also working with some fantastic, driven people so I look forward to sharing my experiences as I go forward.

Also, as a follow up to my long ago post on the Health Center, I present my follow-up picture of the new health centerĀ healthcenter

It’s a beautiful new building and I really can’t wait to get sick and go check it out for extensively. Though hopefully I don’t break my hand again. The picture is a bit unrelated to the blog but I always love to see examples of USC spending money to try to improve the lives of the students. Also, it’s neat to see the construction finally end. There’s also something new being built which means the campus is constantly evolving. By the time I graduate, it’s probably going to be very different from when I started.

Finally, Wednesday is the Viterbi Career Expo, so I will be going out there to try and find myself a summer internship. I’ll be talking more about that in the future as well, but I’m really excited as I love networking and talking so career expos suit me well. Besides, it’s an excuse to wear a suit. What’s not to like?



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