Wasn’t it weird how no one played football last weekend? I could have sworn we were supposed to play Stanford but I guess the game got cancelled. If you read Steve’s blog I’m not sure what he was talking about. Seems like some sort of USC mass hallucination about us playing a game. Weird how football schedules work out sometimes.

Aside from no college football happening, things are pretty solid. My work in the past few days has ranged from programming to modeling to math and my favorite, making a sweet Disney medley for our pledges to dance to at Delta Gamma’s philanthropy Anchor Splash. Nothing like watching a bunch of freshman guys singing Disney songs to brighten up an evening. My personal favorite to watch is “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” but I’m possibly biased. Lilo and Stitch was a bit of a big deal back home back in the day. I hated the movie though. But catchy song.

In other interesting news, I will be on Tosh.O this Thursday. In the audience however. My fraternity somehow has ended up in the front row for a taping. Will be an interesting way to watch my first episode of the show. I hope it’s funny. Being there for three hours will not be fun if he isn’t funny. But hey, I’ll be on TV. My path to stardom begins in there!

Look for me on TV and on the off chance that my appearance doesn’t launch a massively successful film career overnight, check back in next week to possibly see some great photos/videos of our pledges performing to some awesome Disney (to raise money for a good cause!).

If the game had happened this is what it probably would have looked like



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