It’s almost that great time of year. Thanksgiving. It’s a favorite holiday around my house and a great occasion to take a trip back to Hawaii for some sun and relaxation. I can sure use it. It’s dropped into the 60’s a few times lately so the cold is starting to get to me. It’s been a busy semester so far and it will be nice to have a few days off to unwind…and work on internship applications and maybe a bit of physics. I have to do at least something productive! Thanksgiving is a great break with where it comes in the year. It’s placed right after the second wave of midterms and before that last push to get through finals so it’s really a chance to gather yourself and have some time off before the last crunch. Then Christmas break. Which is actually very close.

I’ve managed to knock off my pre break work, which included working on an awesome Star Wars themed video game. As Star Wars is one of my favorite subjects, I really took the opportunity to go all out with design. Navigating asteroid fields, assaulting Star Destroyers head on and of course a fight with Boba Fett in Slave 1. All things that C3PO would say probably have a pretty poor chance of succeeding. But hey, never tell me the odds right?

An action screenshot of one level

The only thing I’m sad about for the break is that I won’t be at USC for our last football game to give Matt Barkley the standing ovation he deserves. This season may not have gone the way we wanted it to be either way that guy gave up a lot to give us a shot at achieving something special. Watching him leave the field with an injury was more sad than any loss could be and I think every Trojan out there wants nothing more than for Matt Barkley to recover fully and quickly and go do some crazy things in the NFL. After four great years of him leading our team, I wish I could be there to send him off.



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