This spring I’m interning at an Android startup in LA called Octoknow. So far it’s been really cool because I’m getting a chance to learn Android development and therefore Java. Thankfully, learning Java is really as easy as everyone has told me it is. The Android library is definitely really cool and it’s interesting seeing the differences between it and the iPhone SDK.

So far it’s also been a great opportunity to get inside of an established codebase and see how professional developers are making their apps. I have already learned a ton about app design and I get to see an immediate impact with my work. That’s one of my favorite parts of programming is how quickly you see results. It’s so cool to write some code and then see it running on my phone.

Speaking of my phone, this is the first time since the iPhone came out that I’ve been using a phone that was not made by Apple. It’s crazy seeing the other world of smartphones and to be honest I like it. The battery life is fantastic in comparison.

I’m getting to work with some fantastic people and I’m really happy I pursued this opportunity through USC. I’m excited to start developing on my own once I become extremely proficient with Android and then use that to become a multimillionaire. But one step at a time.



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