Well it’s two football games into the school year (that’s how I will be measuring time for now) and what a crazy year it has been. First of all, classes are back in action and my course load is awesome. Hard, but awesome. AME 308 (Solidworks Computer Aided Design) is teaching me how to make cool things (like the lamp base I attached) and I’m learning more about screws than I thought I would ever need to know. CSCI 102 (C++ Data Structures) is a programming course where the end goal is to make a video game. Awesome. I still have to figure out what I’m going to make but I get to make a video game for a class. Now that’s living. PHYS 162 (Electricity and Magnetism) with Dr. Bickers, is as I expected, the most theoretically intense course I am taking. Who would have thought I would be hearing about colliding black holes and gravity wave detection. In the first two weeks of the semester. In sophomore year. But that’s what I love about Bickers. High level learning is good learning. It’s also pretty much retaking Calculus 3. Math review is always useful. AME 201 (Statics) is more physics. Nothing too special yet. But with my major, I have to learn a lot of physics. Finally, ITP 104 (HTML) is awesome. I’m learning how to make websites (I’ll post one later this semester) and really, who doesn’t want to learn how to make a website.


Outside of class, I had to organize the philanthropy for my fraternity. We hold a yearly philanthropy basketball tournament for the sororities with the goal of raising money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. It’s an awesome cause and it was great to be in charge of the event which raised the money. It’s a part of the Greek system that doesn’t get a ton of publicity to people outside of it, but philanthropy is a large part of the Greek system and we love helping out a good cause.


Finally, there’s football. I got to watch USC kick my hometown team (don’t worry, I was cheering for USC) to the curb at the Hawaii game. I felt bad for the Hawaii fans who traveled all the way out to the game. They actually thought they had a chance to win. Until about 5 seconds into the game when we scored on the first play. Marquise. Lee. Too much. That game was awesome. The Syracuse game… not so much. We won but hey we expect perfection. Good thing we will bring it against Stanford (I’m going up to that game, can’t wait). It’s time for revenge Cardinal. Sweet sweet revenge.




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