It’s been a busy week for me as far as fraternity life is concerned and I have a few more interesting things coming up. Last week to celebrate the end of the week, we headed out to Van Nuys for some brotherhood broomball 

It’s an awesome activity that gets everyone a chance to blow off some stress and just have a great time. Also, it’s a ton of fun to be on the ice. Sadly, I was unable to participate due to hand injuries but every team needs a photographer.

Then for the weekend, I left with a carful of guys for the longest road trip of my islander life. And like the last time I traveled to a game, the result was less than desirable. But oh well, it was a real fun experience. I love to see new places and new schools so it was awesome to go to a new state, meet Arizona students and see how they do the whole football thing. Their stadium is cool but wow it was hot. I couldn’t believe anyone was actually able to play football out there.

If you look at the picture, the sweet sweet shade is all on the side of the field that students are not on (the Arizona student section is the big red clump in the bottom right). On the super plus side though, we were sitting two rows in front of the band. We were getting blasted by school spirit all game and it was awesome. Our band rocks.

Finally, we have Halloween events coming up, most importantly to me a trick or treating event for local kids that I have been planning as philanthropy chair. We will be hosting games and trick or treating at our house for local children. It’s a great chance for us to do some community service and it’s always great when I get to work on something that we haven’t done before. It’s so different to plan events when you are creating precedent instead of following it. Also cool, we get to carve a bunch of pumpkins! Halloween is a great holiday.



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