That is indeed the Chick-fil-a cow at Tommy Trojan. First note, the one handed typing project I mentioned last blog is proceeding well. So as you may have noticed on my Viterbi Voices, my major has changed to what was formerly my mino, Comp. Sci. This is a change I was thinking about making last year but I decided to feel it out for another semester and then see how I felt.

So as advisement for next semester started to roll around I decided to make the switch. One of my VSA sayings is that since you don’t get to do engineering in high school so there’s no way of really knowing what you like until college. I didn’t do a bit of coding in high school but it turns out I really like it. Taking cross discipline classes was definitely a great idea to try to figure out what it is I really want to major in.

Though I’m glad I started out the way I did. I had some awesome teachers and awesome classes (Redekopp’s 105 I’m looking at you). I definitely have lost no passion for aerospace and I still freaked out upon seeing the space shuttle. Speaking of the shuttle, it’s in this hanger


You can see it when you walk to the football stadium. Even though I changed majors, really engineering is about solving problems. Majors are really just about what tools you will learn how to use to solve those problems.I may be a different major but now I’m approaching the same problems from a different point of view.

While on the subject of comp sci, I’m having an awesome time working on my game. I can see where it’s headed and I’m making great progress. I’m a big fan of the classes structure which uses video development to teach C++ data structures concepts. It’s definitely the most fun assignment I’ve ever had for a class.



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