Reading the blog posts by my fellow VSA’s I start to feel a little concerned that I have no interesting internship to write about. The last few weeks have not been busy and I feel unprepared for writing in comparison. On the way back from Europe I stopped over to see the girlfriend in Virginia. And that’s how I spent the last two weeks. I did manage to survive a heat wave though. It was hotter on the east coast than back home. Hawaii feels cold after that. Now I’m back home and at a loss about what to write about. It was just living normally and quietly which is not what I’m used to doing. At school I’m always finding something to do and over the summer I’m usually working. So it was about time I took two weeks to not have anything that needs to be done. Apart from seeing the Air and Space museum (which was awesome), for two weeks I had no goals but to relax. And it was for the best. Now that I’m back home, soon enough I’ll be back at flipping burgers and before I know it, it’s USC time again and I certainly have a busy schedule (and I wouldn’t want it any other way). But despite my affinity for business, it’s a good reminder that sometimes you need to do nothing but read, swim and watch That 70’s Show. Next time I’ll have more to write about with the approach of school and everything that comes with that but for now, I’m enjoying my time off.

Relaxing at home




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  • Dan Woods says:

    Take advantage of internships if you can. Don’t forget it can be valuable information to give you some insight into what you want to be when you grow up (I still don’t know) and/or great experience to put on your resume. Enjoy your time off and good luck.