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Hey, welcome to my page! I’m Yingyu, a junior studying Computer Science from Chandler, AZ. On campus, I’m involved in Code the Change, a team of developers and designers who build web applications for non-profits, and AthenaHacks , where we organize an all-female hackathon hosted right here at USC.  Outside of class, I also work in the Robotics Embedded Systems Lab where I am currently working on a implementing path-planning algorithms for autonomous aquatic vehicles. I spent this summer in San Francisco working at Slack as a backend engineer intern! On the weekends, you can catch me at football games at the Coliseum or adventuring in Downtown LA! Keep reading to find out what my #ViterbiLife is like!

My Favorite Places in LA


After noticing the lack of female participants at hackathons, a few friends and I co-founded AthenaHacks, an all-female* hackathon aiming to encourage more female engineers to participate in tech events like these.

*trans and non-binary inclusive

As a developer on the team, I help build web applications for non-profit organizations in the LA area.

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Last semester, I interned at a startup in Culver City called Omaze! I worked on a few backend projects in Python during my time there.

This summer, I interned at Slack in San Francisco! I was also a backend engineer intern and learns lots of PHP.

My Major at USC: Computer Science

My Favorite Classes
This class taught me some of the most important problem-solving skills for computer science. I learned so many new things like set theory, discrete probability, and graph theory.
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My Favorite Shows

  • This is a show that has been keeping me at the edge of my seat all summer! It’s filled with thrilling action, scheming rulers, creepy ice dudes, and best of all, dragons. What more can you ask for?

  • An all-time classic. If I’m bored or caught up with other shows, I love to go back and rewatch episodes from this show. It never fails to make me laugh!