Say hello to your 2017 Pac 12 Champs!!

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Today is a great day for USC Trojans because we are the 2017 Pac 12 Champions!!

The Trojans travelled up to Santa Clara, California to bring home the Pac 12 Championship title against Stanford and wow it was an amazing game! I caught a flight Thursday night with my friends and stayed at a friend’s house in San Jose before the big day. Early Friday morning, I figured I would make a quick trip up to San Francisco to visit my team at Slack. After breakfast and coffee at the office, I caught up with my manager and mentor and a couple of other teammates who were excited to tell me that the feature I had built over the summer was fully integrated into the newest Slack project! I was so happy to see everyone again and can’t wait to see them again this summer!

I hopped on a train back to the South Bay around noon so I could grab some lunch and get ready for the game. For a girl coming from Arizona and spoiled by the nice LA weather, I was absolutely not prepared for the cold! It was a good thing we had the energy of the marching band and USC fans to keep us excited!

The game was a thriller with plenty of exciting plays and an amazing fourth-down goal-line stop against the Cardinal. The game ended with a 31-28 victory for USC! This was definitely a game for the books and an experience I'll never forget.

P.S. You know how they make champion T-shirts for both teams to be prepared? I got lucky and snagged one of the extra Stanford ones (they won’t be needing them!)

Sadly, this means football season is nearing its end 🙁 I can't wait for next year! It's going to be a good one. As always, fight on!
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