Woah it’s been a long week.  Last week we had auditions for the a cappella group I’m in, Troy Tones.  This is always such a fun, but also extremely stressful process.  It’s great because we get to see all the musical talent USC has to offer, but we also have to pick and choose the people who will best fit the group.  This takes multiple factors into consideration including how their voice blends in an ensemble and what kind of soloist voice they can bring to the group.  This was also a slightly more stressful audition process because we graduated seven seniors last year and one of our members went abroad, which left us with seven people in the group for this fall (five boys and two girls).  It also left us with no alto or soprano section, and with only one tenor.

Luckily the talent pool for this year was one of the best we’ve ever seen, especially in the girls.  We ended up taking six girls and three guys, completing our soprano, alto, and tenor section.  Singing with the newbies for the past week has been so much fun.  They’re really quick learners and I think we’re going to sound really great at our upcoming gigs.  You can check out Troy Tones singing live on our youtube account.  Also follow our fan page on facebook or visit our website for more info and updates.  And here are some pics of the fall 2010 Troy Tones newbies!