This week found most people reaching for their umbrellas or staying inside to avoid the cold weather and rainy skies.  For me however, this week provided a small taste of my favorite kind of weather.  I’m probably one of the only people at USC who enjoys when the sun goes away and the sky turns overcast.  I like it because it reminds me of home.  I grew up in Virgina where it rained a lot (especially during the summer) so I’m used to it.  Plus the rain meant I got to break out my L.L.Bean bean boots which I haven’t worn since I got back to LA.

The mild and consistent weather is definitely one of the advantages to LA because you never have to worry about the weather getting in the way of you activities.  But personally I enjoy it every now and then when the weather deviates from the normal 75 degrees and sunny.  It makes me remember where I came from.