Most people have very skewed perceptions of what the life an engineering major is really like.  They assume that we work hard all day and all night long and have little time to enjoy ourselves as a college student should.  While the former is somewhat true, the latter could not be more false.

Over the past year at USC, I’ve come to the following conclusion: Engineers have the most fun.  Because we tend to go non-stop all day long (and sometimes all week long), it’s important, and sometimes necessary to do something fun to balance.  When you have such a strenuous, time consuming major, I find it beneficial to live by the motto, work hard, play hard.  And I play hard.

My main source of relief from the stress of college life is my a cappella group, Troy Tones.  I auditioned and got in as a freshman, and it’s been a wild ride ever since.  I’ve been singing all my life so it gives me a great opportunity to continue with this.  But Troy Tones is so much more than just a singing group.  As cheesy as it is, we really are a family.  When you spend 8+ hours a week with a group of people you become so close that you want to spend the rest of your free time with them as well.  We take group trips to go get dinner or to Six Flags: Magic Mountain.  We’re also going to Stanford next weekend for the weekender.  We’ve planned a joint concert with some of the a cappella groups at Stanford and we’re going to stay to watch the game.

In Troy Tones, we love to combine great singing with putting on a fabulous and entertaining show.  We have a theme for every concert and we all dress up accordingly.  Here are some of the pictures from our recent concerts!