This past friday was my a cappella group’s annual holiday concert, and it was such a success!  We sang a few holiday songs as well as some old Troy Tones favorites.  The concert was in the United University Church, and it was all decorated for Christmas, which really put us all in the holiday spirit.  As always, we were decked out in costume.  This year, after a lot of brainstorming, we chose the theme “wacky red and green.”  We decided to all dress up in crazy holiday gear with a red and green color scheme.  Costumes included everything from crazy neon green wigs to red onesies with flashing lights!  Check out the pictures below!

My favorite part of the concert was the debut of our newest song “Many the Miles” by Sara Bareilles.  Our musical director finished a killer arrangement of the song and the solo was sung by another Sara, one of our new members, Sara Chronert.  She was perfect for the song because she has a belty but soft quality to her voice.  Check out out this link to listen to Troy Tones performing “Many the Miles.”