Well the academy award nominations came out on Tuesday.  Everything went pretty much as expected.  There were a few snubs here and there: Christopher Nolan for Director, Barbara Hershey for Supporting Actress, Andrew Garfield for Supporting Actor.  But other than that, the Academy agreed with the predictions (and with me) about which movies were the best of the year.  Now we just have to wait and see who wins what.  My vote is for Social Network and The King’s Speech to sweep the board.

As of now I’m hoping to study abroad next semester so I’ve been looking into options.  The schools abroad that have Chemical Engineering programs that I’ve looked at are the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and the University of Queensland in Australia.  Right now I’m leaning towards the University of Edinburgh.  Not only would it be amazing to be in Scotland for a semester but I would also be so close to many other places in Europe.  Though I have to say, the University of Cape Town does sound pretty appealing.  Who could say no to this view?

Who knows where I’ll end up going?  I just hope that the credits transfer.

There’s also a new webisode up about favorite classes that Kristen Scudder and I worked on.  Check it out here!