This weekend I am headed to New York City for the 9th annual Out For Undergraduate Business Conference (OUBC). OUBC is a conference for LGBT undergraduates who are interested in pursuing careers in the fields of business, consulting, and finance. The purpose of the conference is two-fold: to educate students about inclusion and diversity in the corporate business world and to connect conference attendees with top companies looking to recruit LGBT students for internships and fulltime positions. I am excited to attend the conference mainly because it is such a great opportunity for networking!

Besides preparing myself for OUBC, over the past six months I have also served as the USC campus ambassador for the conference.  As a campus ambassador I have helped to recruit top performing USC students to attend OUBC. Since March, I have been in contact with those planning the conference as well as other campus ambassadors from schools across the country to brainstorm ideas of how to reach out to students. Together with a combination of social media blasts, interest meetings, and individual outreach, we were able to recruit not only students at our respective schools but also students at schools without campus ambassadors and even international students! And being a campus ambassador has its perks. OUBC is paying for me to go to the conference for free!

Students mingling at last year’s OUBC

And as always, I’m taking the opportunity to mix business with pleasure. I decided to fly in a day early and visit some friends at Brown. I’ll be spending the day in Providence, RI and then I’m taking the train into New York City tomorrow.

Going out for dinner with friends the last time I visited Brown

It’s going to be a quite a memorable weekend! Make sure to follow me on twitter, I’ll be updating all weekend.

Until next time,