At the end of last year, I applied for and was accepted into the Torch and Tassel Chapter of Mortar Board. Nationally, Mortar Board is the premiere honor society recognizing college seniors for superior achievement in scholarship, leadership, and service. At USC, Mortar Board is simply a group of driven individuals who give back to the alma mater and local community as well as promote scholarship throughout the school.

Over the course of the spring semester, a new group of seniors is initiated into Mortar Board and gives the outgoing class of seniors a well deserved send-off. Elections for the new E-board were held in April and I decided to run for President. I had never led a student organization at USC and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take on a leadership role. I was elected President, and as such, was in charge of planning the senior commencement breakfast for the outgoing class.

Over the summer, I got the chance to travel to Chicago to attend the National Mortar Board Conference. This was an amazing opportunity to learn about what other Mortar Board chapters were doing across the nation and to gain important skills for leading a group of leaders. And besides that, I got an awesome trip to Chicago! I was able to explore the city both before and after the conference so I got a real taste of Chi-town!

One of the majestic fountains on the Chicago lakefront

Obligatory picture in front of the bean!

The winding canals almost made it feel like I was back in Amsterdam

And the architecture did not disappoint!

The USC Chapter of Mortar has a lot of great events planned for the upcoming year. As President, I am in charge of managing the E-Board and making sure that everything is happening according to plan. In the fall, we have one of our two Last Lecture Series planned. This is where we invite a USC professor to give a lecture as if it were his or her last ever. USC has a strong tradition with the Last Lecture Series and I’m sure this year will not disappoint.

I can’t wait to see what the coming year has to offer, and I’m excited to be a part of this meaningful organization!


Until next time,