Considering the fact that USC is in Los Angeles was a major factor in my college decision making process.  I had never even been to California much less Los Angeles until the first time I visited USC in the fall of my senior year of high school.  LA is unlike any city I had ever been to before but that made it all the more exciting.  One thing that took a while to get used to was the layout.  LA is very spread out.   It’s almost a city made up of little suburbs, where each of the suburbs are connected by freeways.  This is a big advantage because it really allows you to see the city as you travel around it.

My favorite place to go in LA is definitely the Grove.  The Grove is an outdoor mall and restaurant area, and it’s by far one of the pretties places in the city.  I visited the Grove the first time I ever came to LA, and the impression really stuck.  There’s not only great shopping but there’s also a farmers market with delicious home cooked food from all different cultures.

USC is in a great location in LA because it’s so close to many of the city’s great attractions.  It’s just minutes away from downtown and about 15 minutes from Santa Monica.  The city of Los Angeles really keeps me in check.  USC can feel like a bubble at times but I just need to step off campus to realize that I’m in such a bigger place.