I haven’t lived in LA long, but in my short time here I’ve gotten to explore the different cuisines that Los Angeles has to offer.  Here are some of my favorites:

1.  Islands– this is a great American style restaurant that is famous for their very delicious and unique burgers.

Favorite things to get:

-Kilauea Burger

-Kona Pie

2. The Farm- This is a great place to go to brunch.  I went here my freshman year for parents weekend and it was a good mix of classy and delicious.

Favorite thing to get:

-Eggs Benedict

3. The Farmer’s Market at the Grove– This is probably my all time favorite place to eat in LA.  It has a wide assortment of authentic food: everything from Greek to Mexican to an entire stand full of every type of candy imaginable. Plus if you’re lucky you’ll see a celebrity; I’ve seen my fare share at the grove.

Favorite thing to get:

-I usually go to the crepe stand where I get “le Marie Antoinette” which is a breakfast type crepe.  You get to choose four items from a list of cheeses, vegetables, meats and eggs.  It’s superb.

4.  BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse– This is a great place to stuff yourself silly.  When I go, I always get the same things:

-Deep dish pizza- you can choose from many different kinds, but definitely get the deep dish, it’s worth it.

-Pizookie- This is just as good as it sounds.  It’s a warm freshly baked cookie topped with ice cream.  The combination of warm and cold makes it delicious.