Senior year means it’s time to apply to graduate school or start looking for work. Because I’m interested in getting a graduate degree in something other than engineering (business, law, communication, etc.) later on in my career, I’ll be focusing on finding an entry-level job. Luckily for me, there are a number of resources available for USC students looking for jobs or internships:

1. ConnectSC

Connect SC is a very useful tool where USC students can view companies that are hiring directly from USC. Companies will periodically list jobs and internships on ConnectSC and students can login to view the opportunities, submit resumes, and apply for positions. These companies will often hold their first round interviews directly on campus in the Career Center, which is quite convenient for the busy USC engineer!

2. Career Fairs

Each semester, USC holds both a University Wide Career Fair and a Viterbi Career Fair. The university career fair was held last week. I attended and spoke to companies like Price Waterhouse Cooper, Boeing, and GE. Next week, on the engineering quad, Viterbi will hold its own career fair inviting companies from a wide variety of engineering industries. This is a great opportunity for students to get an idea of the different opportunities for USC engineers and get experience talking to recruiters.

Engineering students lining up to talk to recruiters at the Viterbi Career Fair

3. Viterbi Career Conference and Networking Events

Viterbi also holds more intimate events where students can get one-on-one interactions with recruiters. The Viterbi Career Conference (which is happening tomorrow!) gives students an opportunity to polish interview and job search skills through a series of workshops. Afterwards, a dinner is held where students can socialize with recruiters and distribute resumes.

Additionally, each semester Viterbi puts on the Viterbi Industry Networking Event, or as I call it: “speed dating” with recruiters. Students rotate through tables and have about five minutes to talk to a recruiter and hand out their resume. This is a great way to build interview skills and find out about internship opportunities.

Dinner at the Viterbi Career Conference

In my job search, I am making use of a combination of these opportunities because I am looking for jobs in a wide variety of fields. I will also be attending the Out for Undergraduate Business Conference in New York next week, which will be another opportunity to talk to recruiters!

Be sure to check out the VSA twitter hashtag #ViterbiCareers for tweets about jobs and internships!

Until next time,