The past two weeks of my life have consisted of the convergence of multiple midterms, problems set, lab reports, and essays.  For some reason, this semester has been significantly harder than any other semester at USC so far.  At first I wondered why this was.  Then I remembered I’m taking six classes.  Here’s a rundown of my Fall 2010 schedule, and why this semester has me crying for mercy!

CHEM-300 (Analytical Chemistry)- This is a more advanced chemistry class that begins to observe the details of titrations, spectroscopy, etc.  The material is pretty interesting but the worst part of this class is definitely the four hour labs…

PHYS-162 (Honors Physics: Electricity and Magnetism)- This is the honors section of Physics that deals with electricity and magnetism.  I thought last semester of Physics was pretty hard, and this semester hasn’t been much better.  The problem is that the concepts behind electricity and magnetism are so much more vague than they were in kinematics, which makes the math much more difficult to grasp.

CHE-330 (Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics)- This is a step up from the Chemical Engineering intro class, definitely more challenging, but it makes some of the information we learned in the intro class make more sense.

ARLT (Classical and Contemporary Fairy Tales)- This is probably my favorite class this semester.  It’s a general education requirement, but it actually turned out to be really interesting.  We read all the different versions of fairy tales and then look at modern spins that different authors take on the fairy tales.

THTR-252 (Intermediate Acting)- This class goes towards my theater minor.  It’s a more advance acting class than the one I took last semester and it’s definitely challenging me to think of acting from a different perspective.

THTR-130 (Introduction to Theatrical Production)- This class is also required for my theater minor and it gives an overview of the many different types of backstage work including costuming, set design, lighting, and sound design.

So even though I’m a little in over my head this semester, I’m enjoying the ride.  Here’s to hoping I have the same attitude by the end of the semester!