This past weekend, I went to the opening showcase for a dance company my friend Kelly started called Ellipses Dance Company. I’ve seen Kelly dance all throughout my time at USC and now that she has graduated, she decided to start a company with some friends to continue sharing her dancing and choreography. The showcase was held in a small dance studio downtown and it featured numbers in a wide variety of dance styles including contemporary, modern, and jazz. The show even featured a local singer who complemented the dance numbers with acoustic renditions of some classic folk songs.

While this performance was live, the main goal of the company is to make dance more accessible by periodically releasing videos online. Ellipses Dance Company hopes to tell a story through dance and feature music by indie artists in these videos. The company is very active on facebook, twitter, instagram, and of course youtube! In that vein, they held an instagram contest at the showcase. Whoever took the best instagram picture with the hashtag #ellipsesdancecompany won a free t-shirt. Being the social media addict that I am, I was instagraming away at the showcase and ended up winning the t-shirt!

It was amazing to see Kelly’s work come together in such a beautiful way. As co-director of the company, she is in charge of maintaining the overall aesthetic of the dances and she got to choreograph a few numbers herself. It’s organizations like this that remind me just how dedicated, creative, and entrepreneurial the students at USC are. I can’t wait to see where Kelly goes with this company in the future! Check out some picture below from the showcase:

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