So last week USC had its first home football game against Virginia.  Little known fact: I’m from northern Virginia and 110 kids from my high school class go to UVA, including most of my closest friends.  So I knew if we lost I would never hear the end of it.  Not that I was worried or anything.

I spent most of the game texting my UVA friends making jabs at their team.  Even though we weren’t exactly being too kind to each other, it was great because I hadn’t heard from most of them since I got back to school because I’d been so busy.  Not gonna lie, it made me miss home a little bit.  But that all ended when we crushed Virginia’s team (well sort of…).  I wasn’t really worried about USC winning the game, until the last few seconds.  Luckily we pulled it off and I can continue to berate my Virginia comrades.  Hopefully today’s game won’t be as close.

Check out a sweet picture from and article about the game.