It’s hard to believe but I’ve already been home for over two months, which can only mean one thing: summer is quickly approaching its end. As excited as I am to get back to USC for the fall semester, I will definitely miss living in DC.

The past few weeks working for the Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition (OREC) have been both rewarding and exciting. I’ve gotten the opportunity to attend exciting events on Capitol Hill such as the Congressional Renewable Energy EXPO.

OREC’s display at the 15th Annual Congressional Renewable Energy EXPO

Additionally I’ve been writing a bunch of blog posts like this one about the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s discussion of the “No More Solyndras Act.” My main assignment this summer has been putting together OREC’s July newsletter. I edited and formatted a number of articles and even got to write two myself! I’ve also been posting on OREC’s twitter and Pinterest feeds.

Working with OREC has given me quite an insight into the policy side of the renewable energy industry. It turns out there are a lot more barriers to getting marine hydrokinetic energy generating devices into the water than I thought. Maritime regulations, permitting issues, and legislative gridlock are all obstacles that impede marine hydrokinetic technology.

One of my favorite parts about this summer has been getting to ride the metro to work. The DC metro system is one of the most efficient and fun metros to ride and is even quite beautiful at times.

DC’s Metro Center Station

And when I haven’t been working this summer, I’ve been relaxing in DC and taking trips. Just last weekend, I went with a group of friends to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia to tube down the Shenandoah River. Unfortunately, we all used expired sun block and got brutal sunburns.

Tubing down the Shenandoah River

A few weeks before that, my family and I went to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland for the Fourth of July. I’ve been going to Deep Creek Lake ever since I can remember. We used to own a house there when I was very little, but now we just rent. It rained pretty much all day on the fourth, but let up just around dusk for the fireworks! The best part about the lake was getting to go tubing and water skiing all week long.

Boating at Deep Creek Lake

Next weekend I am headed to the Mortar Board National Conference in Chicago to represent the USC Torch and Tassel Chapter of Mortar Board as its president. I’m excited both to attend the conference and to travel to Chicago because I’ve never been. I’m going early so I can fit in some tourist attractions before I head to the conference.

Until next time,