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With college application season in full swing and the ominous decision of figuring out where you want to spend the next 4 years slowly creeping up, I wanted to share the reasons why I chose USC.

If you would’ve asked me where I wanted to go 2 years ago, USC wouldn’t have even been on my potential list. I was living in Houston at the time, and my top two schools were the University of Michigan and the University of Texas – I wasn’t even sure if I was going to apply to any school on the west coast. However, as the application deadline approached, I decided it wouldn’t be smart to limit my options, and so I applied to USC.

As decisions began rolling in, I still had my heart set on UT and Michigan, and when I was accepted into both schools, I thought the decision was now just between the two. However, a couple weeks after getting admitted into those two schools, I received a letter from USC that I had gotten into the engineering school there too. At first, I didn’t think too much of it. I was very thankful that I had gotten in, but wasn’t sure that I would even seriously consider the school. However, as I thought more about the decision, I decided it would be a missed opportunity if I didn’t go and at least visit USC and see what it had to offer.

Coming to the USC’s campus, I was instantly intrigued. Walking around the campus, I realized that even though it was quite a sizeable school, the campus itself was small enough that I could walk to all of my classes – something that I really liked. In addition, we were located only a few minutes from downtown Los Angeles and the football stadium was a 5-minute walk away – a great thing for someone as passionate about football as I am.

Going into the engineering school, I was further hooked on USC. Firstly, I was very impressed with the presentation that the admission officers gave. However, more importantly, I was very impressed with the Student Ambassadors that came in and answered all my questions. Being able to have my questions/concerns answered by people who were in my exact same shoes was very relieving and reassuring. In addition, the engineering school having many connections with nearby companies in Silicon Beach and Silicon Valley was a big plus too.

Leaving USC, I realized that the school had a ton to offer – a top-tier computer science program, a great location, and a great football team. Therefore, as I relooked at my options I realized that there was really only one choice. And while I had not imagined that I would end up going to school on the west coast, I am very glad I did.

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