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Freshman year at USC I found that finding a reliable study spot could be a difficult task. Leavey tended to be crowded, Doheny was fairly hit or miss, and many other places closed early. While this wasn’t a huge issue during the majority of the semester, when finals season rolled around finding a good place to study became a big deal. Therefore, after the Fall semesters, I made a point to go out of my way to find good study spots at USC and have made a list of some of my favorites below.

Doheny Library Bookstacks:

While Doheny itself can be a little hard to find a good spot, going behind the main counter into the bookstacks provides a great place for studying. Amidst the thousands of books are desks and tables which provide a good space for studying and a great amount of privacy.

Engineering Library:

Located right next to SAL, the engineering library provides some good study spaces. While it can be busy at times, there are great individual study spaces for students, conference rooms for groups, and printing/scanning resources.

Architecture Library:

Underneath the Architecture school is one of my favorite spots, the Architecture Library. While it’s a little hard to find, the architecture library offers a huge amount of working space and a ton of privacy. The only downside is that it closes at 10PM everyday.


While this spot may be a little biased towards Computer Science majors, SAL is a great place to go whenever you need a little help with work or studying. Always filled with students and CPs/TAs, there are plenty of resources for students to get assistance or clarification on homeworks and other material. Additionally, there are reservable rooms with TVs and whiteboards where groups can discuss their coding projects.

And there we have it, some of my favorite study spots on campus. While this list is a good start, I encourage you to go out and find your own favorite places to study as there are plenty of options on campus.

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