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Going into my second year at USC, I’ll admit that I wasn’t too thrilled to start classes again. Summer had been a nice break of responsibility, and I was suddenly going to put plunged back into the thick of it. Adding to this dread was the fact that I was taking a group of notoriously challenging classes: CS 201, CS 270, and EE 109. However, despite the inevitable challenge of these classes, I was excited to get back to Los Angeles and see my friends again. I had been working in Houston for most of the summer, and so I had not seen most of them for over 3 months. Therefore, I was pretty excited to move in on August 15th.

Now being a few weeks in, many of my academic worries about returning to school have been alleviated. Even though classes such as CS 201 and EE 109 are definitely hard, the professors I have in them are great at explaining the difficult concepts, and as a result I feel that I am not having as hard a time as expected. On the other hand though, CS 270 has still been a large obstacle. Now, this is not the fault of the professor, as he is great at explaining material. Instead, I am just not as skilled in the theory side of computer science, and therefore I have been needing to spend much more time in order to understand the concepts and do well in the class.

Alongside my classes, I have also been focused on getting more involved outside of school. I have been excited to take greater responsibility inside VSA and I have been making an effort to join new organizations such as the Silicon Beach Club and Society 53. These organizations have already provided me with many different and interesting opportunities – such as touring a startup office in Silicon Beach – and have given me plenty of options outside of the classroom.

At the end of the day, my sophomore year has been going well so far. Alongside my continued development of my computer science foundation in the classroom, I have been able to spend time with friends, join new organizations, and explore new opportunities.

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