Fight On!…What Does That Mean Again?

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Step on to USC’s campus and you’re bound to hear the phrase “Fight On” within the first 30 minutes. But what does this phrase actually mean?

Upon touring USC I was first introduced to the phrase by my tour guide, and as I went around campus I frequently heard it said around me. However, while I found it a catchy saying, I didn’t understand it’s meaning.

Moving onto campus freshman year, I noticed it in even more places. Whether I was in a classroom, at a sporting event, near a tour group, or simply with peers, “Fight On” was a constant occurrence. However, even though I was a full student at this school and was having all of the traditional freshman experiences within the school, I still couldn’t provide a real answer to the question of what it means. It wasn’t until I decided to sit down and comprehend what the phrase meant to me, that I was able to provide my own answer to the meaning of “Fight On”.

For me, “Fight On” means to keep pushing even in the face of adversity. Whether in a sporting competition, an academic contest, a business environment, or wherever else you may find adversity, it is important to remember to keep going. Even though you may forget it at times, the entire Trojan family is behind you, rooting for you to persevere as you triumph over whatever lies in your way.

Therefore, while this is my definition of the saying, I encourage you to go out and come up with your own meaning. And while our observations of the phrase may differ slightly, we can always remember that no matter where we find ourselves, we will always be linked with the entire Trojan family through two words: Fight On.

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