USC USC USC ! So you finally got your letters! Now you have choices to make!

What I’m reminded of around this time of the year (two years ago….darn I’m getting old!) is why I finally chose to go to USC over other institutions to which I was accepted (Berkeley, Vanderbilt, U of Texas, and U of Virginia etc.)

I’d have to say it was a collage of different elements, which when take together create the ideal college environment. Let’s work our way from the core out.

First, you’re here for an education: let’s get it right. USC is one of the leading private research universities in the nation. Along side the largest international student body population, you will find yourself challenged in your academics, competing to excel alongside many highly motivated colleagues.  With the many choices that are offered in terms of degrees awarded at Viterbi, it is highly likely that you will find one that fits your exact taste. All on that note, the internship opportunities abound, and help propel you into your professional career from the start. In short, you will be a well prepared member of society from an academic standpoint upon graduation.  USC is in the heart of where the breakthroughs in industry are sprawling. Don’t you want to be there? Silicon valley……Edwards Airforce Base….for all you Aerospace Engineers…Represent!!!

Now who wants to come to study somewhere for four years if you don’t like the people. What’s more, what if you’re in a village (hamlet if you are so inclined) where there’s nothing going on? Well matie, no worries there. LA has you covered.  We are pretty laid back here (yet professional in execution). From the perpetual sunny skies to the short drive to the beach (not to mention that you can ski and swim in ocean in same day)….to the fact that we’re five minutes from downtown LA (home of LA live and the Staples Center and Convention Center and great restaurants and get the point)….USC is near it all. For me, it’s also the cool skies that I love to fly around in whenever I get the chance. You will have fun when you get here.

Much the same way on campus. 600+ student organizations. Do I need to say anything else?

I wanted to put a chug in there for my family. The fact that a lot of my family lives on the West coast played a role in my decision process. How do you feel about that in your own set of circumstances? Think about it before pressing any “accept” buttons.  While you might not be “living” there, it sure is nice to have a solid support band there whenever you need anything….even if it’s just to have a nice mean, talk heart to heart (and sneak in a load of laundry).

I wanted to close out with an ovearching theme that I hope will have an impact on your final decision. I value most importantly a univesity that will not only challenge me when I embrace it, but one that will also embrace me when I accept the challenge. This is exactly the case at USC. I embraced the challenge (in Aerospace Engineering and Economics), and USC actively encourges me to excel in both of lines of study. Hard work is rewarded here, especially for those with diverse courses of study. Caveat: this certainly does not mean it is expceted you double major, but what I am underscoring is that the sky is the limit!

Now sit back, have yourself a nice cup of (insert your favorite beverage), and have a little think imagining yourself at your dream home… you see me in it? Then you’re thinking USC!  What a good choice! I wouldn’t steer you wrong!