Greetings all! With full Turkey bellies, and eyes over the horizon to the winter holidays which seem like a mirage at times, yet right in our lap at others.

This is what I am talking about. What does it mean that tomorrow is the last day of classes? Well really it is the first transition into working the hardest one works this whole semester. I mean…as I have said before, it is about finishing strong!

This I say having come back from the library, working all night, and am going to try to get a few minutes of sleep. It’s not about procrastinating, but rather about making sure that at the end of the day, all the loose ends are tied up.

Think about the motivation in writing this! It’s not just that I have to, but I really enjoy talking about what’s going on in life, and I firmly believe in staying true to one’s commitments. So staying true to things like blogging for work and my school work is important to me.
This preamble aside, finals are next week.  “Nothing more your honor.”

The moral of all this (if I can still salvage one from all the rambling I might have done above with what might just be a midnight interior monologue in my brain 😉 ) is that working with the end in mind is always important.

What keeps me motivated in the long hours in the edge of the upper floor of the library? It is the though of satisfaction from having worked my but off to the best of my ability, and hopefully having that success when I turn in my last exam on the 16th of December.

My Christmas plans are what really is driving me! A few days to unwind here in LA…then in San Antonio (my hometown) to go see the Christmas lights on the Riverwalk, see family and friends, and have FAB Mexican food…I mean out of this world (hold on I need a snack)…..

….okay back.

Then up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to be with more family!  Skiing, hiking, and eating great food (with beautiful landscape) is my dream! I so can’t wait for all three parts.

Finishing strong means giving it your best. The motivation commonly draws from seeing and keeping the end in mind. My satisfaction of knowing I did my best is what I seek, but a second place is the though of all the fun to be had on my vacations coming up in a few weeks!!!!!!!!! Partyy!!!

See you on the slopes (terrain park)!