Hi Everyone!


Hope you’ve had a great week! Just wanted to write to let you know what’s going on on my front! You’ve honestly caught me at the busiest part of the semester. Here’s my line up for next week.

Monday: Preliminary Design Review for USC AeroDesign Team, ADT Corporate Briefing Due

Tuesday: Fluid Dynamics HW Due, Polymathic Society Event, Viterbi President’s Council Meeting

Wednesday: Mechoptronics Report Due, Aerospace Design Methodology Midterm, Sigma Gamma Tau meeting.

Thursday: Thermodynamics HW Due, and I depart for Seattle. Tau Beta Pi Caucus

Friday: Should be in Fluid Dynamics class, but am in Seattle at Boeing Company’s Accelerated Hiring Initiative – Matching Event.


Alas, once I make it through this week, I only have two midterms next week, and from there, I am home free- except for a few Homeworks, and of course a few group projects and a few final exams…..no small feat, but at least they are a bit more spread out than they are all at once these two weeks. I’ll just take this time briefly to emphasize how important it is in college to practice good time management. It’s a bit easier said than done…and something that when practiced well, ¬†will certainly help you enjoy your experience in college (no matter where you go).























So what is this “Matching Event” I am talking about with the Boeing Company?

Great questions! Well, it goes back to the Engineering Career Fair that is hosted here on campus on 4 October.

Boeing in particular uses their time and presence on campus during this event to aid in their recruitment of talent for this summer’s incoming intern and new-full time hire class! A really cool program applicants can apply to is called the Boeing Engineering Accelerated Hiring Initiative. Basically, if you have applied yourself in engineering here, done well in classes, lead student organizations, helped out in the community, and of course are interested in the Aerospace Industry (the Boeing Company in particular) than you might be the ideal candidate! Mind you, those are my thoughts,and I am not a recruiter.


Those selected to be a part of the program are flown up to Seattle for what is called the Matching Event. Before you go up there, you are invited to review and apply for job requisitions that are of interest to you. Based on your responses, at the Matching Event you are paired up (as best as possible) with the managers from the areas in which you indicated the most interest on your response.  Personally, I am just thrilled to have been selected to be on the program, and am really looking forward to learning more about the Company at large, which I feel will help me be an even better team player for Boeing later on down the road, regardless of which internship position I might secure this summer.

I told my manager and several mentors how I feel at this point in time: ‘I feel like this is just the start of a great adventure.’


~Stay tuned everyone. Hope to have much more exciting news in the coming weeks.





P.S. The featured image for this blog is actually on Final Approach for my 1000th landing as Pilot in Command. Nifty, eh?