Okay, so as promised! I am getting back in the rhythm of blogging!!!

This weekend was really great! I had one of my friends come and visit me from LA (he is a USC Business Administration Grad, Class of 2010). It was great to kinda go back to the days of being a tourist you know….walking around Buckingham Palace, going to Piccadilly Circus, eating in Chinatown etc…so we had a great time. Also a great reason to call up other friends I hadn’t seen in ages here in London….kinda get him to get a feel for people here in London.

The week ahead is pretty busy here, a couple of problem sets (e.g. homework assignments) to work on, a mock exam in one of my management classes, and then a Law essay to get back! This weekend I took off from debating tournaments (went for 6 consecutive weeks this semester alone!)…..so last weekend was the University College London (UCL) Intervarsity Tournament (IV), and it was great!

We had debates about all kinds of stuff, from whether sports clubs should ban former violent criminals from playing sports professionally (think of some examples), to whether people who consider themselves supporters of a group, whose members themselves put their saftety at risk, whether those supporters have a moral obligation to also show disregard for their safety to further the groups cause, and to the other extreme, whether governments should provide incentives to citizens to vote. We had loads of other topics too (there were six rounds).

Next week is the Manchester IV.

All is well here, and I hope that all you guys in the US are having a nice President’s Day weekend. We don’t observe any US holidays here….kinda bummed. I thought for example we should have gotten the Monday after the Superbowl off here (seeing as it didn’t come on until nearly midnight here!). But ohh well, I was just grateful we could stream it down here in the basement of my dorm!

Have an excellent week and see you around!