Well, this weekend was wonderful….all things considered.

Most of my Friday was spent catching up on work from the previous week, and trying to eek my self ahead by just a few minutes into next week. A net neutral.

Saturday was a lot better, when I transfered flying centers to Angels City Flyers our of Long Beach. They fly top of the line Diamond aircraft. For me, I flew a DA-42, and had a blast. It is a fully digitalized G1000 cockpit display, with a FADEC  engine controls-and to top it off, it burns JET A!  A big step forward for me! The weather wasn’t that great this week, and neither was it on Saturday, but nonetheless, it was a blast to blow through the clouds and the grey rain below to see crystal clear skies and the sun on top at just 5000 feet!

Sunday was a sleep in day, considering all the exhausting activities of the week. I topped it off by watching the Superbowl…….but was badly disappointed. Darn it!  Why didn’t the Colts win?! I just don’t know who to be mad at…I guess this is what frustration is but they were playing so well, but the execution of the Saints was just better than ours. So, unfortunately in combination with that of flying on Saturday….this weekend has been a net push!

Midterms are coming up, so that’s more rain in the forecast, but at least there’s no real rain the outlook…it makes my bike rust….get’s me wet, and destroys houses! The first week back, when it rained everyday, I almost forgot why I moved to Socal…but since then, it’s been a lot better!

In short, long live the Colts, and we will be back next year (or the Packers).

Have another cup of coffee during the admissions doldrums! I know you all are waiting, but be patient, all the staff are working on all cylinders!