Hey Everyone!

Well, grades are in today, and well….it has been a wonderful semester! Stressful, but rewarding!

It’s nice for all of us to be on break, and enjoy some relaxing time full of sleeping in, being with family, and well eating too much!

For all of my colleagues at USC, I wish you all a wonderful break! –> You’ve earned it!

For all the prospective students to USC –>  Well done! You’ve made it this far! Now all there is left to do (and not much time at that!) is to send in that app! Now is the time for you to cash in on all that hard work throughout high school…How does it feel?

Well, I’m up here in Wyoming now, just enjoying the snow glazed mountains….skiing all day and then chilling by night with some old high school friends! Loving every minute of it…..

That said, there is still a lot of work to be done to close up loose ends from the previous semester, and now looking forward to the next semester, getting stuff in order before the first day of classes….

Let the moral of this blog be that there is a time to relax, gather, and focus…..to harvest the hard work of past efforts….but it is also time get ready for the next marathon (that’s how the semesters feel for me…and I love it….you always have to be on top of your game)….and trust me…if you start organizing or preparing for the semester when the starting gun sounds….you’ll be far behind.

Now! To end on a very good note! A very happy holiday season to everyone…and be safe on New Years!

All the best. Congratulations to both high schoolers and other colleagues at USC alike!