Howdy all from back in LA!


I finally made it back from London (via a couple dozen of other cities) back to Los Angeles!

Let me just start out by saying that while it was great to be studying abroad (at LSE in London) it sure as heck made me really miss USC! In fact, I thought I’d share with you a couple of the things I missed most from home here at USC:


1) The professors: At USC, professors are really dedicated to your success, and will help you in whatsoever way they can in to help you achieve your goals…be them academically, personal, or professional.  Back in UK, we only had lectures for an hour per week per class. You were lucky if the professor even knew your name!  The personal investment that professors make in their students, particularly at USC is one which distinguishes my alma matter from the others in my mind.


2) The people: In general, it’s great to get out there and learn about other cultures and societies. I did that, no doubt.  In my activities abroad, from being assistant director of corporate relations on the LSE Economics Society to being a Chair Adjudicator for the LSE Debate Society (with competitions around UK and EU), I was able to immerse myself in interaction with bright people from all around the world. It’s a valuable skill I’m glad to have. Nevertheless, being back at home (still with people from around the world) here in Socal seems so much more…at home!  It’s as if I’m more on the same wavelength as they are then I am with others from around the world in the UK. Weird observation…. I know…I still can’t pinpoint why.


3) The weather. Here’s something that not many other people can do: predict the weather accurately. I’m so sure I know the meteorological patters in the UK, I’ll bet $50 that it will be raining in London on April 15, 2034. No weather man will make a prediction that far out.  Basic idea: it rains a lot in the UK. Always need your umbrella, even in summer. Being back in sunny socal with mild temperatures is like being in heaven!


I’m going to follow up in a separate post about what I’ve been up to this summer in my internship at Wells Fargo! Stay tuned!