USC Football, USC baseball, USC basketball, all of our fellow Trojan teams do quite well for themselves as individuals as well as representing our university.  Of course it’s fun to go and watch a few of these games, eat a few burgers and even a few slices of pizza, but what playing sports to loose calories rather than watching sports to take in calories? What to do?

In follow up to last week’s post titled the Midterm Blues, I’m pretty happy to talk about how there are loads of opportunities to have a nice time both inside of campus and right outside of it to go enjoy yourself and relax while doing some sports!

Just last week, to get a bit of relaxation between my midterms, I hit up a few beaches all within a 20 mintue drive from campus.  Although pretty much any beach in Socal is above average by national standards, I particullarly like Santa Monica Beach, right by the pier. It’s really a nice place to go for a run, take a swim, or do some stretching (or even yoga if you are so inclined!) with the sound of the crashing waves in the background, a nice light sea breeze cooling you down, and an awesome view of the Malibu Mountains just north of Los Angeles!  If you like to do a bit of fishing, you’ll be joined by a group of nearly 40 people nearly any day along the pier.

For the golfers, a place even closer than a drive to the beach is the Westchester Golf Course. I went there last week to go practice a bit of driving. Although I was epically unsuccessful in driving more than 50 yards, I  still enjoyed playing well into the sunset, and even on into the night with their lighted range (and 9 hole course!).  It’s a cool place to hit up, especially when there is an In & Out burger right next door!  The good news is that it is cheap! A full course: under $20.  Just want to practice your drive?  Around $10 at time of writing.

What I can’t forget to say though is the awesome amount of sports you can play here on campus. There are dozens of sports with a variety of different level teams (from beginners to experts) who play right here on campus. Here’s the link to check it out.


Don’t want to play on a team? Well there’s lots of room on the center grass of the track to burn off some steam. If you want weights, the Lyon Center is our weight facility, and if you want to take the swim of an Olympian, we have the Mc Donald’s swimming pool where the swimming portion of the Olymics were held in 1984 (yes, here at USC!).  I guess, in all these words, the important point is that there is never a shortage of sports to play both on and off campus to relax amd meet some fabulous people.