It’s raining outside! What the heck is up with that! For the last two days, we have had rain here in LA. This is not normal for the true Southern-Californiaite who is used to the 70-80s range of temperatures under the bright sunny sky.

So, when I heard the rain was coming our way, I was taken a bit off guard, and had to prepare myself for a weak of gray rain.  What better thing to write about than the good places to shop right around campus (and if you’re lucky enough to find someone with a car {you will be able to, just make sure you buy dinner :)} the perhaps nicer places a bit farther away.

So, I thought I’d start by talking about the convenient setup of shopping outlets right next to USC.

Just North of campus:

1) We have the famous Dollar Dollar store, which stocks all of your daily stuff you might need, from umbrellas, to water, to even batteries, and glasses {and even fish…if you want to start an aquarium in all this rain} all under one roof for a great price. We all like this as struggling college students. I have no doubt that without USC students, that store would not be able to stay open.

2) Superior Groceries. With all this cold gloomy weather, it’s a great time to have a nice glass of hot chocolate and some s’mores. It’s nice to know that right a block away from campus, you can get all your goodies you need to feel some cheer in this rain within a 5 minute walking distance from most freshman dorms on campus (Parkside-10mins).

3) Goodwill Store- Perhaps underadvertized in the regular media, Goodwill store has quite a few unfound treasures. I found some of them and now I get to keep them. So if you’re looking to get suited up for a specifically themed event/form of weather/party, this is a good place to go. Definitely worth a browse.

Next Level up: Car ride, and reasonable outlets

Target: The name is self-explanatory. On LaCienega. Off  I-10. 10 minute drive.

Santa Monica Pier/3rd Street Promenade: A great place to eat and shop. I seriously recommend you eat while you are there. The sun, the fountains, the visiting street performers each  contribute in a unique dimension to the character and vive of the area. It’s a lot of fun even if you don’t spend a cent to just look at these acts. However, if you do want to shop, you’ll see an Apple store, cinemas, Armani, American Eagle, Abercrombie, the Gap, and great restaurants!

Real Up Scale (Save your paychecks!)

Visit Rodeo Drive. As college students, perhaps some things are only meant to be seen and not owned. Things like $100,000 cars and $30,000 watches. Nonetheless, it is kind of cool to see some of the things money can buy (we all know that it can’t buy friends and happiness) on the extreme end of Dollar Dollar. Rodeo drive is basically in the heart of Beverly Hills. A must before you graduate. Who knows, if you do well at USC, one might shop there from time to time after graduation.

Shopping is fun in LA. This is by far a non-exhaustive list. Just an idea on where to shop for rain gear (and many other goods). Just opening your imagination as to what you can be doing/shopping for upon your arrival to USC.

Till next week!