USC is already back in session (as  you all might know, USC started back up 23 August,  and that means tours are all back in swing full time, so come on by to check out campus. Go to:     to get started!

It seems so weird all this- but I don’t start school until 4 October in London.

In case I haven’t mentioned- I’m off to London to go to the London School of Economics this October for a year abroad to finish my economics degree. But don’t worry, I’ll be back for two more years to finish up my aerospace degree at USC.

It’s going to be a blast! I look forward to having many interesting blogs from UK at both remarkable economic and engineering sites. Be sure to check back in. I am going to be participating in some engineering related activities abroad to further broaden my horizons in engineering while reinforcing my economics studies.

Since we probably have a lot of first time viewers, I want to bring to your attention, if you will let me, two cool honors that can be earned when pursuing two different fields of study (e.g. major/major or major/minor) and studying abroad.

The Global Scholars Award: Study abroad for 10 weeks or more, and graduate with a 3.5 or higher, and you are eligible for scholarships.

Going to LSE is helping me pursue this.

Also, is the Renaissance Scholar. Again, it is a fab award, bestowed upon very few graduating seniors. If you study in two or more diverse fields of study, you are eligible for scholarships for graduate school.

Check out:

These are only two of many examples of how USC rewards students for challenging themselves. I found this subtopic appropriate since many of you are probably just now starting to compile your first list of colleges to consider seriously.

Feel free to contact any of us VSAs if you need anything else! Good luck in your upcoming academic year!

Talk to you soon (probably on the other side of the Pond by this time next week).