Abraham Lincoln once said that people are about as happy as they choose to be. In the midst of midterms, where students are all busy (and stressed) to perform to the best of their ability, things sometimes get out of perspective, and we loose sight of the bigger picture of things.

To me, the remedy to “Midterm Blues” is to remember the bigger picture, remember how fabulous it is to be in LA, studying my favorite thing in the whole world: airplanes! In the end it’s not all about number crunching and cramming for a midterm….rather its about the process of learning, which takes more than the short four years we spend here together at USC.

Seeing things in this light, balancing work with good play and “sharpening the saw” time is vital in maintaining a high productive balance. It’s important to recharge your batteries frequently.

Work in school is important, but so is having fun! Realising the proper balance is a big “game” I played throughout my Freshman year, and still do today. College is a blast! And in the midst of midterms, it’s easy to loose sight of the bigger picture.

Going back to Abe…it’s important to keep sight of both work and fun things you do outside of school that are fun. If you get bogged down only with midterms this midterms that (considering my midterms are spread out over 4 weeks) life would be pretty rough.

Instead, I try to keep things in perspective ¬†through a good balance of having a blast both inside the ¬†classroom and outside. It really helps manage the “Midterm Blues!”

So far for me, two down (and well done!), and two to go! Knock on wood!