Hi  everyone! Hope you had a great week. Since we haven’t had a chat since Halloween, I wanted to make a belated shout out to you for a good one! Who did you dress up as? You might be able to figure out who I dressed up as by looking at the picture below:



Is it just me or is this new order of having sunset happen at 5:00PM making everyone really tired way to early? I mean I feel like going to bed at 7PM with this early sunset. Oh well, I better get used to it, seeing as it is only going to get worse until 21 December (Winter Solstice).  Yes, I am complaining about Daylight Savings. At least I got to sleep in for an extra hour:)


In the midst of midterms, sleep has become precious!







But now, on to more serious business, I wanted to share with you an exciting trip I took this weekend, well really mostly during the week. I flew out from LAX on the red-eye on Thursday night to go to New York for two interviews with JP Morgan, one for their Private Banking program, and one for their Investment Banking program. Thought, I didn’t get too much sleep on the flight over (arrived at 0545 at JFK), I was pretty darn full of energy as I got in to the car to drive in to Manhattan. I mean, who doesn’t love/ isn’t pumped this skyline:



So there we were, at 270 Park Avenue, ready to go at 1100.




Meetings went well throughout the day, with a ton of learning about everything you can imagine about how a bank is run, the departments, its organization, and the finance chain behind it.

By the end of it all, despite it being a Friday night, I was absolutely toast. So, I ended up heading back to my hotel, near JFK, quite early, but not before a stop at my favorite pizza place, at the corner of 46th Street and Lexington. Try this deal on for size: two huge slices of pizza and a can of soda for $2.75. Heartburn central, perhaps? But compared to the rest of New York prices, a welcome respite for your wallet!


Back at the hotel, just read a bit to relax, then called it a night…slept in till 0415, and then was off to JFK on flight back home to LA which departed at 0700. Landed at 1015 back at LAX, and went to In & Out Burger with my friend who came to pick me up.


Forgot to mention that this is the final stretch of the semester, really two weeks till Thanksgiving (I can already start to dream of the epic food my grandparents are going to be cooking, and the joy of being near family)! It’s really an all out dash here in terms of workloads and hours spent working.


More to come on job front developments (I have an offer from Boeing already), in the coming weeks! Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you!? In the meantime, have a great week!