Howdy Folks!



It certainly has been a great month for the stock markets in January so far! Let’s hope that keeps going! Well at any rate, for those of you who watched the Super Bowl today, was it just me, or did the commercials really not live up to all their hype? I have no memorable commercials for the 2012 Super Bowl, and I can already think of 3 memorable one from last year.

That’s that, I guess. I’m just bummed that the Packers were not in the final round! You’ll be happy to know though that my Packer’s shares finally came in!








Even though these shares don’t appreciate in value, at least it’s cool to say that I am a part owner in an NFL team!

Did you know that the Packer’s are the only publicly owned team in the NFL?  The sense of community they have….the fact that it’s volunteers from the neighborhood that come and shovel snow out of Lambeau Field or the players themselves who ride bikes with Boys and Girls Towns to help encourage and inspire at risk youth…..that’s the spirit of champions, and that is why I’m so proud and happy to be a part owner of the Green Bay Packers.


How is everyone else’s week shaping up? Any spring break plans firmed up yet?

Mid-terms are coming up around here.