It’s here!!! Finally! The weekend!

Darn it’s been so rough this week with midterms and projects due…..hasn’t even been funny…. I walked into math on Wednesday, and it so felt like a Friday……I was so upset that it wasn’t actually Friday…

Well, now that it is 2245 on Thursday evening, I can safely say that it is close enough to Friday to feel like it’s almost the weekend.

Go figure, now that I am going out of town, the weather here in Socal would really get better….aiming for 70-80 degrees and clear skies…..better than the week of rain we had last week….I remember thinking to myself is this really why I came to Socal….especially now that I had to go derust my bike….

Well, I can’t complain because this weekend I’m going back to my (part time) home in Jackson, Wy. See family, old high school friends, and well, what else than ski! I’m so stoked!

Unfortunately, this is on the mid part of mid term season, so I’ll still have lots of work. Economics was today, and two engineering midterms next week…then math in two weeks….this is gonna be an uphill slope!

Well, looking at my schedule, I see that we have lots of great opportunities coming up for you guys to come to visit USC if you haven’t done so already to see what we’re all about and come and meet current students like myself, and hopefully have you sold on a final product.

We really do look forward to seeing you. Do check out the Viterbi Admissions webpage (link below, or on side of my blog page) to see what is going on when over the next few weeks!

Snow’s up! See you on the slopes!